Pro-union advocates are pushing Senator Mark Warner to cosponsor the ‘worst bill in Congress’. It’s called the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act) and contains dozens of extreme labor proposals that threaten businesses and diminish employees’ rights to privacy.

So far, Sen. Warner is one of only three Democrats who has chosen to listen to the small business community. He has NOT co-sponsored the PRO Act. However, labor unions are putting significant pressure on Sen. Warner to support this damaging legislation.

One of the worst aspects of this legislation is that it would eliminate Virginia’s Right-to-Work law. Virginia’s Right-to-Work (RTW) law was established on January 12, 1947, and is the 5th oldest RTW statute in the United States. It guarantees that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, nor to pay dues to a labor union. Virginia’s RTW also assures that no person or organization may use intimidation, use of force, the threat of use of force, reprisal or threat of reprisal, or interrupt the work of any employee.

Tell Sen. Warner today to stand with Virginia businesses and oppose the PRO Act.