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Minimum Wage Increase

There have been several bills introduced to increase the minimum wage in Virginia. All of these bills will have a major impact on the Retail Industry and cause our members to have to make difficult choices when it comes employee hours, benefits, and much more.

VRF Opposes

Mandated Paid Leave

Several bills have been introduced to mandate paid leave by employers. They vary in how this is accomplished, but all will create a one size fits all approach to leave which could be detrimental to the Retail Industry.

VRF Opposes

Elimination of Right to Work

Legislation has been introduced to eliminate the Right to Work law in Virginia. This will allow unions to have a strong-hold in the Commonwealth. Which could negatively impact the employer/employee relationship in the Retail Industry.

VRF Opposes



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Virginia Retail by the Numbers


Jobs Supported by Retail

Retail Establishments
$63.5 (b)
Total GDP Impact
Direct Retail Employment
$20,545 (m)
Direct Labor Income
$30,927 (m) 
Direct Impact on GDP


source: National Retail Federation



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