Virginia Retail Federation is a statewide organization that protects members' legislative interests, ensuring their voice is heard in the legislative process and keeps them informed on issues impacting their business on the local, state, and Federal levels. We take a pro-business approach to legislative issues to ensure there is representation for retailers that serve the Commonwealth.



December 07, 2020


by Megan Way

VRF’s legislative policy guides our positions on issues at the General Assembly and is centered around a pro-business approach. You will see that the majority of the bills in this report are opposed by the VRF, which is typical for every year at the General Assembly. 









VRF spends the majority of its time defending our members’ rights and making sure legislation does not pass that would be harmful to their business.



We fight against



additional mandates on business

Opening employers up to a private cause of action

additional reporting requirements for business

additional industry-specific taxes, and much more