Now is the time to weigh in with the Federal Reserve on new regulations to increase competition needed over the fees banks and card networks charge merchants to process debit card transactions. If enacted, this proposed regulation could save retailers billions of dollars in payment processing fees.

Banks and the card industry are flooding the Fed with comments arguing against these new regulations. If these false and misleading claims aren’t countered, this opportunity to protect retailers’ rights and bring the same competition to online commerce could be lost.

Tell the Fed how important debit card routing is for retailers, especially small retailers who can least afford enormous “swipe” fees. Weigh in now, before the August 11 deadline.


Virginia retailers are struggling to survive as the COVID-19 pandemic wages on. A much-needed stimulus bill is held up in Congress by partisan gridlock.  Tell Congress that fiscal stimulus cannot wait. Now is the time to come together and make a deal that will help Virginia retailers stay open and serve their communities.





April 15, 2020


In just 24 hours, retail advocates have sent more than 3,360 messages to 394 lawmakers on Capitol Hill sharing 3 way Congress can help retailers now. It’s imperative that Congress hear the collective voice of retail right now as they craft the next wave of legislation to provide COVID-19 relief. It’s not too late to share this message with Congress today using NRF’s action link.

3 Ways Congress Can Help Retail Now

  1. Increase funding to loan and financial assistance programs that help retailers of all sizes retain employees and remain solvent.
  2. Extend the Payment Protection Program (PPP) so it covers the worst months of the economic slowdown.
  3. Allow businesses with closed locations to use loans for rents and utilities.







We need everyone to contact their senators now! Tell them to put aside their differences and pass a bill that defends the economic health of the retail workforce and provides the maximum amount of liquidity for retailers to remain viable until the end of the crisis. 





Contact the Governor immediately and demand that action is taken NOW to help save Retail in Virginia.

Make sure to insert your personal story in order to have an even greater impact.

We need relief from state tax payments for a minimum of 6 months, expand the VEC to align with the Federal Stimulus program relating to a new Employment Compensation stimulus, unemployment rates for business remain at the level they were prior to COVID-19, a delay in remitting sales tax payments to the limit of the law, pause on all the burdensome legislation that was passed in the 2020 Session.

Without immediate action, the retail industry in Virginia is going to be devastated beyond belief.