As we lead into the Election and the 2020 General Assembly session, here's a guide showing voting records on issues that have/will impact business.


Great news, Sales Tax Fairness is coming to Virginia! Governor Northam signed HB1722 and SB1083 into law, and the playing field will be leveled for Virginia’s retailers as of July 1, 2019.

March SNAP benefits will be issued to all participants on March 1, and not on the usual staggered schedule. This means that businesses who accept SNAP will most likely see a high volume of SNAP participants at their stores on March 1.

The Virginia Department of Social Services is doing this to shorten the length of time between the issuance of February and March benefits because February benefits were not issued until mid-January due to the government shutdown.

As Session ramps up, we have seen a large about of bills introduced that will have a negative impact on businesses if passed. As you see on this list, there are many of the same issues that arise annually back again this year. We will keep you posted as to the status of these bills in coming Advocate Emails.

Approximately two weeks remain in the 2019 General Assembly Session, and so far this has been a successful Session for the Retail Industry.