The power of both the Executive Branch and all 100 Seats for the House of Delegates were up for grabs in yesterday’s election in Virginia. After a very late night, the numbers indicate that Republicans swept the top of the ticket, which hasn’t been done since 2009, and that the House has flipped to a razor-thin republican lead.

Going into the evening, Democrats held a 55 to 45 majority in the House of Delegates. Based on last night’s election Republicans picked up 7 seats, flipping the House to a 52-48 Republican-held Majority.

You can find a breakdown of both the statewide races as well as the House of Delegates races by clicking here.

It is important to note that these are the results as of the time of distribution. There are a few races that are extremely tight which may be subject to a recount. We will keep you informed as this unfolds.