Thanks to many of you, Virginia will close the Amazon Loophole on September 1st, 2013. On the national stage there is also a bill that will create even more widespread relief for brick and mortar retailers. HR 3179, The Marketplace Equity Act, is before the Judiciary subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet.


This bill, introduced by Representatives Womack and Speier, is a bi-partisan bill which would protect small businesses. This bill closes a loophole that predates the internet, whereby online-only stores do not collect sales tax. With the passage of this law, states would be allowed to manage their sales tax laws as they see fit by granting them the authority to collect monies that are owed but difficult to collect due from out-of-state vendors.


Please take a moment and review the attached sample letters, edit as you see fit, and send the letter of your choice on your letter head to Congressman Cantor’s Henrico office. We would like for him to hear from those who own a business in his district. You will find Congressman Cantor’s contact on the sample letter.


As we found out while working the Amazon Loophole bill this year, it is extremely important for elected officials to hear from their constituents.


Please let me know via email if you have the opportunity to send a letter.






Eric Cantor Letter 1

Eric Cantor Letter 2

Eric Cantor Letter 3

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