We wrapped up our first full week of the 2019 General Assembly and it has been successful for the retail industry thus far. We were able to defeat several bills in both the House and the Senate that would have implemented a tax on Plastic and Paper Bags. There is still a bill that would allow localities to implement a ban on single-use plastics, which encompasses much more than just plastic bags. This piece of legislation will be heard in Counties, Cities and Towns Committee in the coming weeks.



In addition, the Senate heard SB 1200 on minimum wage on the floor Monday afternoon. After lengthy debate on the Senate Floor, the bill failed to pass out of the Senate on a vote of 19Y – 21N. Last week, Senate Commerce and Labor passed this bill out of committee by a vote of 6Y – 4N. This bill would have implemented an increase in the minimum wage up to $15 by the year 2021. As you saw last week, we sent out a legislative alert on this issue and your voices were heard.


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