Below are important updates from Virginia ABC Licensing, including the new laws that will go into effect on July 1. There are also important updates for training opportunities that help protect your business. 


Information on Crossover Products

In this year’s session of the Virginia General Assembly, two bills were passed (HB 1979 and SB 809) that regulate a family of alcoholic beverages that we refer to as crossover products.
There is the obvious potential for consumer confusion when products that contain alcohol are merchandised on shelves/displays that are adjacent to (or intermingled with) products that appeal primarily to an audience that is not of legal drinking age. 

The potential for confusion is compounded by the fact that many popular soft drink brands have made the jump into this crossover category and by leveraging the equity and recognizability of their brands have blurred the ability of a consumer to easily tell which products contain alcohol and which do not.

Please keep in touch with your Special Agent with regard to how to stay compliant with the rules set forth by this legislation in effect July 1. 

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DMV Announces New ID Design

Virginia’s newly designed driver’s licenses and identification (ID) cards will hit the streets in Spring 2023.

While the new credentials will display some of the same features, they will incorporate the next generation of enhanced security features that are resistant to counterfeiting yet easily authenticated by retailers and law enforcement.


Update to Virginia ABC Licensee Guide

Virginia ABC's free publication, designed to support you in understanding the facts of alcohol education and prevention and Virginia ABC’s laws and regulations, has been updated with the latest licensee information.


Classroom and Online Training Available

Register today for Virginia ABC’s FREE licensee training! This training assists licensees in shouldering the many responsibilities for maintaining a safe and regulated operation, including preventing underage sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

In-person classes for May, June and July are open for registration.