Governor Bob McDonnell has announced that in Virginia, 2012 is “The Year of the Entrepreneur”. According to McDonnell’s personal webpage, Virginia is a state that fosters good ideas and hosts the right taxes and business climate for entrepreneurs to produce job-creating businesses from their brainwaves.

Virginia, with one of the top K-12 education systems in the country, encourages students to dream big and provides the tools needed for learners of all ages to utilize and follow their own dreams. McDonnell’s website also stated that Virginia has some of the top research institutions in the country, which cover a vast variety of subjects, along with the right infrastructure to put research and innovation into practice.

On his site, McDonnell said “Perhaps most importantly, we have a community of entrepreneurial individuals who, in spite of the very real risk of failure, put their energy and sweat and savings into creating opportunities for themselves and others. I am declaring 2012 ‘The Year of the Entrepreneur’ in Virginia”.

McDonnell wanted to acknowledge these individuals, study why they’re successful in Virginia, recognize them as an inspiration, and have them motivate others to turn their own ideas into reality in Virginia.