As of Today, Republicans still maintain a slim majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Recounts will take place in the 40th District, where Delegate Hugo (R) leads Tanner (D) by 106 votes; the 94th District, where Delegate Yancey (R) leads Simonds (D) by 10 votes; the 68th district, where Adams (D) leads Delegate Loupassi (R) by 336 votes; and in the 28th District, where Thomas (R) leads Cole (D) by 82 votes. These recounts will most likely take place over the next two weeks.

In addition to recounts, there is also a lawsuit which has tied up the race in the 28th district due to mis-assignment of voters between the 28th and 88th districts. Initially, Democrats filed a complaint seeking that the election results not be certified. This request was denied, but the judge allowed their case to move forward. The complaint has recently been amended and seeks to have the Judge decertify the results of the 28th district, block Bob Thomas from being seated in the House of Delegates, and hold a new election.

We will continue to keep our members posted as things unfold in these four recounts and the legal proceedings.