As of July 1st, the new laws from the 2018 General Assembly Session went into effect. Multiple laws impact our members. 


Felony Threshold for Larceny and Restitution – The threshold is now $500, which is an increase from the previous threshold of $200. This means that a thief can take up to $499 of merchandise from your store before they can be prosecuted for a felony. As part of the Criminal Justice Reform Compromise, the General Assembly also strengthened the restitution laws in the Commonwealth. This new law allows a Defendant to remain on probation until restitution payments are complete, for up to 10 years, with review hearings monitoring compliance with restitution.

ABC – A new law went into effect allowing for electronic records of a retail licensee to be stored off-site. Ordinarily, such records must be readily retrievable and available for electronic inspection by the Board or ABC Special Agents immediately upon request. However, this new law allows the retail licensee to obtain Board approval, for good cause shown, to provide said records to the special agent within three business days or less, as determined by the Board after the request to inspect records is made.

Historic Triangle – Sales tax will be increased by 1% in the Historic Triangle, defined as Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown, to fund tourism marketing. The law is contingent upon certain areas of the Historic Triangle repealing recent increases in the local transient occupancy tax, food and beverage tax, and admission tax. Because 50% of revenue generated goes directly to tourism efforts in the Historic Triangle, and the other 50% goes to the localities themselves, this law will expire if any of the localities in the Historic Triangle raise or reinstate such taxes in the next seven year.

Recycling Study – This new law directs the Department of Environmental Equality to report to the General Assembly on how to improve recycling in Virginia over the next ten years by November 1, 2019. In addition, it adds the definition of Beneficial Use, Beneficiation Facility, and Recycling Center to the code all in an effort to improve recycling in the Commonwealth.

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