We have had a very successful 2018 General Assembly Session so far. The majority of our issues have been handled for the year, but we still have a few issues remaining. These include legislation to promote recycling and budget issues.



Senator Lewis introduced legislation again this year with regard to our recycling initiative. SB 218 does several things, including adding the definition of recycling for beneficial use to the code as well as direct the Department of Environmental Quality to create a report by Nov 2019 on how to improve recycling over the next 10 years. Virginia Retail Federation has always been supportive of recycling initiatives, and we continue to be with this legislation. The legislation has passed out of the Senate and made its way to the House.



In addition to our Recycling Initiative, we have few budget items we are supportive of. Both of our budget items remained in the Senate Budget but were not kept in the House version of the budget. This means that they will be discussed in Budget conference once Conferees are designated. We will explain the importance of both the AST workgroup. In addition, we will explain the importance of maintaining the $160,000 in FY 2020 to complete the technology upgrades needed for the full implementation of the background check legislation from 2017 (HB 1713 and SB 1044). Both budget items will promote savings for retailers.