Virginians all around the Commonwealth went to the polls on Tuesday, June 20 to vote in a number of competitive primary races. All 40 seats of the Senate and 100 seats of the House of Delegates are up for election/reelection this year. Since these campaigns are occurring in newly drawn legislative districts, there will be a great deal of turnover and a significant number of new members joining the General Assembly in 2024. 

The General Assembly is currently a split legislature with the Democrats holding a majority in the Senate chamber and the Republicans controlling the House of Delegates. This is a year of unprecedented change and both parties have a great chance of taking the majority in either chamber. 

Below is a breakdown of key results in both chambers by region.  

Metro Richmond Region
  • SD 12 - Former Senator Glen Sturtevant defeated incumbent Senator Amanda Chase (39% to 38% with a third candidate winning 23% of the vote) 
  • SD 13 - Former Delegate Lashrecse Aird defeated incumbent Senator Joe Morrissey (69% to 31%)

Hampton Roads Region
  • SD 17 - Delegate Emily Brewer defeated Hermie Sadler (59% to 41%) 
  •  SD 18 - Senator Louise Lucas defeated Senator Lionell Spruill (53% to 47%)
Northern Virginia Region
  • SD 1 - Timmy French defeated incumbent Senator Dave LaRock (33% to 26% with six other candidates splitting the remaining votes)
  • SD 33 - Jennifer Carroll Foy defeated former Delegate Hala Ayala (63% to 37%)
  •  SD 36 - Stella Pekarsky defeated incumbent Senator George Barker (52% to 48%)
  • SD 37 - Saddam Azlan Salim defeated incumbent Senator Chap Petersen (54% to 46%) 

Southwest Virginia Region
  • HD 47 - Delegate Wren Williams defeated Delegate Marie March (67% to 33%)
  • SD 11 - Senator Creigh Deeds defeated Delegate Sally Hudson (51% to 49%)

There are two outstanding races in which provisional ballot votes are still being counted in Senate District 29, both a Democratic primary and a Republican Primary. The Democratic Primary is between Incumbent Senator Jeremy McPike and Delegate Elizabeth Guzman. The Republican Primary is between Maria Martin and Nikki Rattray Baldwin.

As more information becomes available, the VRF team will be sure to keep you informed of any relevant outcomes. Should you have any questions about the primaries or elections in general, please do not hesitate to reach out.