The results from the 2023 General Assembly Elections are in, and Democrats swept the Virginia Legislature. While provisional ballots will be counted in a few tight races and there is the potential for a recount in a race or two, control of both bodies has been decided and will not be impacted by this.   

After last night's election, the Virginia Senate remains in Democratic control with a margin of 21 to 18. The remaining race in the Senate is between Incumbent Democrat, Monty Mason, and Republican Danny Diggs. At the time of this email, Diggs leads Mason by 1,022 votes.

The Virginia House of Delegates flipped from Republican control to Democratic control last night with a margin of 51-D 48-R. The remaining race is between Republican Incumbent Kim Taylor, and Democrat Kimberly Pope Adams. Currently, Taylor leads Adams by 173 votes.  

These election results mean that we will have a divided government, with a Democratic-controlled Legislature and a Republican Governor.


Senate General Elections Results





House General Elections Results