Come meet and network with Governor Northam, Attorney General Herring, and your state legislative representatives. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard by decision-makers in the Commonwealth. Make sure to arrive by 5:30 pm so as not to miss out on your opportunity to hear from Governor Northam, Attorney General Herring, and Lieutenant Governor Fairfax.




This week marks the first full week of the 2019 General Assembly Session. This year is a short session, so it will be extremely fast paced. Crossover is February 6th, which means all legislation must be through its body of origin by that date. The Session is scheduled to wrap up Saturday, February 23rd.

As Session ramps up, we have seen a large about of bills introduced that will have a negative impact on business if passed. As you see on this list, there are many of the same issues that arise annually back again this year. We will keep you posted as to the status of these bills in coming Advocate Emails.


On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its much-awaited decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair. In its ruling, the court overturned the precedent set in its 1992 Quill Corp. v. North Dakota ruling that prevented states from requiring online and other “remote” sellers to collect their sales tax unless the seller had a physical presence in the state. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that online sellers can be required to collect sales tax, states are preparing to move forward.


Sourced from NRF.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Taxing issues: online sales, conformity with federal code top state budget agenda