Presented by National Retail Federation

February 23   I  2pm   


The National Retail Federation is hosting a webinar on the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act that is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks in Congress. This is a great opportunity to educate yourself on the devastating impacts the PRO Act could have on the retail industry.

The NRF describes this bill as “the worst bill in Congress.” This is because of the broad provisions that are included in the package. Virginia Retail Federation and other states have fought these issues individually on the state level and federal level, however, this proposal puts all these bad ideas together in one mammoth package.

“The legislation includes more than 30 proposals. In addition to “card check” union-organizing elections where workers would lose their right to a private ballot, it includes “ambush” elections that give little notice to employers, the formation of “micro” unions within a single department or location of a company, cancellation of state right-to-work laws, expansion of “joint employer” status that can make a company responsible for the actions of its subcontractors or franchisees, adoption of California’s “ABC test” for classifying workers as either employees or independent contractors, and disclosure of employees’ private contact information to unions.” (The "worst bill in Congress" is back -

To learn more about this legislation, please join the NRF and retailers across the country on Tuesday, February 23rd at 2pm.