These webinars will be a review of new laws and amended laws will include new anti-discrimination state law, wage and hour laws, and non-compete agreements particularly for “low-wage employees.”


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David E. Nagle
Jackson Lewis | Principal, Richmond


Crystal Tyler
Jackson Lewis | Of Counsel, Richmond


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NEW LABOR LAWS (Effective July 1)

Employer Mandates/Private Cause of Action

    • HB 108
      Legal holidays; Election Day
    • HB 330
      Employment; covenants not to compete, low-wage employees, civil penalty
    • HB 622
      Limiting employees' sharing of wage information; prohibited, civil penalty
    • HB 624
      Human Rights, Division of; requirements for equal pay irrespective of sex
    • HB 689
      Wage payment statements; statement of earnings
    • HB 798
      Employment; prohibited retaliatory action
    • HB 827
      Virginia Human Rights Act; discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth
    • HB 1049
      Prohibited discrimination; sexual orientation and gender identity
    • HB 1147
      Epinephrine required in certain public places
    • SB 530
      Possession and administration of epinephrine; restaurant employee
    • SB 548
      Unemployment compensation
    • SB 601
      Legal holidays; Election Day
    • SB 712
      Virginia Human Rights Act; discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth
    • SB 868
      Discrimination; prohibited in public accommodations, etc., causes of action