April 24, 2020


Governor’s Press Conference:

Today, Governor Northam announced the first phase of his blueprint for re-opening the Virginia economy. The Governor made it clear that we will only move into Phase 1 once certain metrics are met. These metrics include seeing the percentage of positive tests and the number of hospitalizations both track downward for 14 days, hospital capacity must be in good shape, there must be a sustainable PPE supply, testing must be increased, and there must be contact tracing and isolation of individuals.

Only once these metrics are met, Virginia will move into Phase 1 which is described below.


Phase 1:

  • Some businesses re-open with strict safety restrictions  
  • Social distancing will continue
  • Teleworking will continue to be recommended
  • Face coverings will be recommended in public


To be clear, there has been no certain date announced for the re-opening of the Virginia Economy.

He would like to see this happen on May 8th (the new date for Executive Order 53) but made it clear that this will only happen IF the requirements of a 14-day decline in positive tests and hospitalizations, etc. are met. VRF continues to be the voice of retail and has been in constant communication with the administration about the best way to re-open for the retail industry and will continue those conversations as we move forward with this process.

The Governor also mentioned that there will be two sets of guidance issued at a later date with regard to reopening. There will be one that is overarching rules for business in general, and another guidance that is industry-specific guidance for businesses like restaurants and non-essential retail. Once we receive those guidance documents, we will share those with our membership as well.

To view the Governor’s press release from earlier today, please click here.