SB 1398 - Norment - Retail sales and transient occupancy taxes on room rentals. (House Finance Subcommittee #2 recommends reporting with amendments 8-Y 2-N)

  • Provides that retail sales and hotel taxes on transient room rentals shall be computed on the basis of the total charges or the total price paid for the use or possession of the room.
  • For those cases in which a hotel or similar establishment contracts with an intermediary to facilitate the sale of the room and the intermediary charges the customer for the room and such facilitation efforts, the bill requires the intermediary to separately state the taxes on the bill or invoice provided to the customer and to collect the taxes based upon the total charges or the total price paid for the use or possession of the room.
  • The bill provides that an estimated amount equivalent to the sales tax revenue attributable to the charge for the service provided by the intermediary shall be dedicated to the Virginia Tourism Authority to administer grants for tourism promotion.


SB 1403 - Pillion - Sales tax; exemption for personal protective equipment; emergency. (Passed the House 100-Y 0-N)

  • Establishes a retail sales and use tax exemption for personal protective equipment, as defined in the bill.
  • The exemption would be available to any business that has in place a COVID-19 safety protocol that complies with the Emergency Temporary Standard promulgated by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and that meets other criteria.
  • The exemption would sunset one day after the first day following the expiration of the last executive order issued by the Governor related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the termination of the COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard and any permanent COVID-19 regulations adopted by the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board.
  • The bill contains an emergency clause.