Public Health Emergency legislation that is still active: 

HB 2134 - Batten - Employee classification; provision of personal protective equipment in response to a disaster. (Passed the House 99-Y 0-N)

  • Prohibits the consideration, in any determination regarding whether an individual is an employee or independent contractor, for the purposes of a civil action for employment misclassification, unemployment compensation, and workers' compensation, of the provision of personal protective equipment by a hiring party to the individual in response to a disaster caused by a communicable disease of public health threat for which a state of emergency has been declared.

SB 1362 - Lewis - Employers; reporting outbreaks of COVID-19. (Passed the Senate 27-Y 11-N)

  • Requires that, upon determination that a worksite cluster of COVID-19 has occurred at a workplace with 50 or more employees, the Department of Health (the Department) shall make a report available to the public on a website maintained by the Department that includes (i) the name of the employer at which a worksite cluster has been reported and (ii) the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported by such employer. The Department shall also report when previously reported outbreaks are under control. The bill defines "worksite cluster" as five or more cases with illness onset or initial positive results within a 14-day period and a likely epidemiologic linkage between cases. The bill provides that the provisions of the act shall expire upon expiration of the Governor's declared state of emergency in response to the continued spread of the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. The provisions of the bill are contingent on funding in a general appropriation act.

Public Health Emergency legislation that has been defeated 

HB 2066 - Webert - Public health emergency; reports of suspected violations of orders and regulations, penalty. (Tabled in House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee 12-Y 9-N)

  • Provides that any system created by the Department of Health to receive information regarding an alleged violation of an order or regulation of the Board of Health or the Commissioner of Health enacted in response to a public health emergency related to a communicable disease of public health threat shall require, for each report received, the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the individual making the report. The bill makes knowingly making a false report of such violation a Class 1 misdemeanor. The bill contains an emergency clause.