As you saw in our report last week, several paid leave bills have been introduced this session in both the House and the Senate. Senate Commerce and Labor Committee heard all of the bills on the issue, other than SB 1159 which went by for the day. The only bill that passed so far was Senator Favola’s study on the sale of individual and group paid leave plans in Virginia. Senator Boysko’s legislation, which would have established a Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance program was defeated.

  • SB 1159 - Favola - Use sick leave for the care of immediate family members. 

Requires employers with a sick leave program to allow an employee to use his or her sick leave for the care of an immediate family member. The measure applies only to employers that have 25 or more employees and that provide paid sick leave that allows an employee to be absent from work in the event of the employee's own incapacity, illness, or injury. The measure applies only to employees who work at least 30 hours per week, and it caps the amount of sick leave that may be used for the care of immediate family members at five days per calendar year.

  • SB 1219 - Favola - Bureau of Insurance; paid family leave; report. Passed the Senate, will now be heard in the House.

Directs the State Corporation Commission's Bureau of Insurance (the Bureau) to review and make recommendations, including any necessary statutory and regulatory changes, to authorize the State Corporation Commission to approve the sale of individual and group paid family leave plans in Virginia.The bill requires the Bureau to also identify options and make recommendations for encouraging or incentivizing employers to voluntarily offer 12 weeks of paid family leave. The bill requires the Bureau to convene a stakeholder group to participate in the process, which is required to include representatives from the insurance industry and the business community, advocates for paid family leave, and other interested parties.The bill requires the Bureau to report its findings and recommendations to the Senate Committees on Commerce and Labor and Finance and Appropriations and the House Committees on Labor and Commerce and Appropriations by November 30, 2021.

  • SB 1330 - Boysko - Paid family and medical leave program. Passed by Indefinitely (defeated)

Requires the Virginia Employment Commission to establish and administer a paid family and medical leave program with benefits beginning January 1, 2024. Under the program, benefits are paid to eligible employees for family and medical leave.Funding for the program is provided through premiums assessed to employers and employees beginning in 2023. The amount of a benefit is 80 percent of the employee's average weekly wage, not to exceed 80 percent of the state weekly wage, which amount is required to be adjusted annually to reflect changes in the statewide average weekly wage.The measure caps the duration of paid leave at 12 weeks in any application year. The bill provides self-employed individuals the option of participating in the program.