The Virginia Retail Federation is a statewide organization advocating on behalf of retailers at the Federal, State and local levels.


December 07, 2020

We proactively present and support the legislative interests of Virginia retailers at Federal, State, and local levels.



Building a collective voice of, and for, Virginia retailers.



Core Values

We are approachable and transparent.

We act with integrity, fairness, and professionalism.

We are respectful, collaborative, and non-partisan.


Diversity Statement

To embrace diversity the Virginia Retail Federation (VRF) promotes an inclusive and supportive environment that enables all members, staff, and stakeholders to achieve their full potential.

VRF maintains diversity by:

  • Working to achieve the participation of diverse persons within our areas of expertise and service.
  • Treating all persons and their interests with fairness and respect.
  • Respecting the rights of all persons to participate in all aspects of our organization.


This policy is applicable regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religious or political beliefs, age, sexual orientation, domestic circumstances or disability.