Retail Advocate Newsletters

How the VRF is Different

The Virginia Retail Federation (VRF) is different from other associations in these important ways:

  • The VRF efforts are focused on storefront, Internet, hospitality and service retailing
  • The VRF has four staff lobbyists with many years of Virginia General Assembly experience - they know and understand government, retail and retailers
  • The founding partners of the VRF were started in 1903 and 1906, providing over 100 years of historic track records of proven service to retailers
  • With its expanded footprint, the VRF offers retailers contract and staff executives spread throughout Virginia to work with businesses through chapter or council activities, one-on-one contacts, and grassroots involvement in the political process
  • The VRF website offers, valuable, current industry and government relations information to help business prosper in challenging economic times