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The Overtime Rule, What Retailers Need to Know
What is this €œOvertime€ Rule, you ask?

For your reading pleasure, we've taken the liberty of breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First, let'€™s bring everyone up to speed.

In 2014, a Presidential Memorandum directed the Department of Labor (DOL) to update and modernize the regulations defining which white collar workers are protected by minimum wage and overtime standards under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).1

Subsequently, in an effort to put more money into the pockets of those deemed middle-class workers€ and improve the work-life balance of employees, the DOL issued its final rule making changes to the FLSA'€™s overtime exemptions. Through this, the DOL not only seeks to update regulations but also ensure full implementation of FLSA overtime protections and simplify the identification of overtime-eligible workers. The end goal is to make exemption easier for employers and workers to understand and apply.2

So, what exactly do these new regulations entail? Click here for a quick breakdown.

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